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My laptop has been woeful the past few days, crashing and freezing and so I was mid-backing-everything up getting ready to do a system restore when i noticed the available update to Windows 10 Anniversary. And figured lets go for it.

It downloaded no problem but once i hit the restart of the laptop to install it, things got worryingly slow.

For 3 hours it sat with the wee dots spinning in a circle telling me that it was installing updates and not to switch off - but stayed at 0%. Finally it moved to 1% and then hour after hour up to 8% before I went to bed. This was from roughly 4pm - 11:30pm

Anyway I briefly considered switching it off and hoping for the best but at the install point i figured no way, i could be left with a blank chunk of plastic. So I went to bed!

Wake up the next morning and it is all updated fine and dandy! Working brilliant and so far smooth as my father in laws baldy head.

If you are updating and it is slow hang in there and just go to bed.

I read somewhere about cleaning drivers and multiple other things to do before running the update, all after i'd started mine. So maybe it may be a good idea to google someone more tech savy and see what they say...

I think it was 2 years ago I surprisingly ended up in my old primary school. It had been shut down years ago and used to store equipment in the main hall. The rest of the rooms however had fallen to vandalism and disrepair.

I didn't overly enjoy my primary school days, spending most of them being bullied and put down by pupils and teacher(s) alike. So if i'm honest the images I took while back in the building probably ring more true to my experience attending there as a child almost 20 years ago.
Thankfully my experience was mostly verbal, however i know others were locked in cupboards and some even beaten by the then headmistress.

No child should be picked on, certainly not by teachers. No child should have a teacher call them to the front and mock facial features or ridicule them for having a soft nature. So walking around brought back memories. yeh that's how to describe it - memories!

In contrast the building is now owned by the Boys Brigade an organisation I did love at primary school age and met life long friends there. It is great to pass it and see what they have done with the place and that it is being used to build young boys and men up rather than cripple their souls...

All kids are very different, but given the similar backgrounds that brothers and sisters have you would think there'd be huge similarity between them. But most parents will hugely disagree.

Take my 4 for example in them you will find a mix of timidness, selfconfidence, sensitivity, cheek, messer, adventurer, careful, careless, lazy, energetic, quietness, loudness... and a bunch of other characterisitics i would love to mix up and share out evenly across them all.

We are all different and that's a great thing. The differences make life interesting, they certainly make the home interesting, but the one trait I would love to drum into my children's heads and into my own is 'to be nice to one another'.
“Truth will readily be exchanged for error when no more sweetness and joy is to be found in it than is to be found in error. When we find any of the good truths of the gospel coming home to our souls with power, giving us gladness of heart and transforming us into the image and likeness of it, the Holy Spirit is then at his work. He is pouring out his oil.”
John Owen